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Science,Technology, Engineering and Math education  is somethinthat is critically lacking in our nation’s public school systems. In a globally competitive economy, employers of all shapes and sizes are increasingly seeking workers skilled in science,technology,engineering, and math. Supply is low and demand is high. There is a mismatch between projected future jobs requirinthese skills and the projected supply of qualifieworkers to fill them. Engineering foKids seeks tbe a major parof the solutioto this problem by fosterinthesskills in young children.

Our vision is for every kid to discover what engineers do and explore what opportunities are available to the min Science,Technology, Engineering and Math fields.

Inspiring the Next Generationof Engineers

Engineering For Kidbringscience,technology,engineering, and math,to kids age1t19 in a fun and challenging way through classes,camps,clubs,and parties. We arproud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering conceptthrough handson learning. Engineering is,after all, onof the fastest growing industries in thworld!

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